The process from Sample Collection to the emission of Analytical Reports is our daily routine.
We work directly with the client in the preparation of proposals and contract arrangements. These vary according to the client’s requirements as well as the service requested.
For the development of these works, the laboratory is equipped with a Physical-Chemical Laboratory, a Textile Laboratory and a Microbiology and Toxicology Laboratory, having a Mobile Unit for sample collection and conservation.


This Technological Core is composed of a team of highly qualified elements in the most varied scientific areas with a view to developing products and analytical methodologies. We also have a Technical Department, where customer support services are provided, as well as an integrated computer system for data manipulation, storage and emission.


Auditing, Inspection and Consultancy. In the field of Training, we provide services in the areas of Environment, Nutrition, Industrial Hygiene, Microbiology and Toxicology, with professionals belonging to the Pool of Trainers with legal qualifications, such as the Certificate of Pedagogical Skills.